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What if you are unable to fix your Credit Score by yourself?

Well, there are host of Cibil consultants organisations helping those in a debt trap. Hence, if you are in a situation of debt overhang, don’t shy away from seeking services of such an organisation.

Don’t worry about the fees. These agencies fees are minimal. They may help you with a debt management plan and even negotiate with the lender on your behalf, thereby try and get you a lower rate of interest to repay your outstanding debt.

So you can contact a of Cibil consultants agency you deem fit to help you out for both situations i.e. correcting an error or getting out of a debt trap. Simply knowing that you are not alone in your struggle of repayment of debt, will give you some peace of mind.

Get in contact with Millennium Credit Solutions a CIBIL consultant company for all your CIBIL issues.

Conclusive points…

While you may indulge in credit / debt, overdoing it can be hazardous to your wealth and health.

Taking calculated risk is okay to build wealth and meet aspirations of life. But ensure that you don’t get into a habit which can lead you to a debt storm.

Stretch within your means, and do not take long leap which can jeopardise the financial well-being of your family and land you into a debt trap.

To make sure you don't take more debt than you can handle, have a financial plan in place. One of the many benefits of a financial plan is that it lays the foundation for financial prudence and will show you how your cash flows are structured year on year, thereby helping you know how much EMI you can afford to pay in the coming years.

Remember: if you are a safe borrower, you would score well on your credit worthiness.

So, before the bank or the lender surprises you with a negative feedback on your credit score, it is recommended to keep a regular track of it and maintain a healthy creditworthiness.

Here Are Some Of Factors That Credit Information Bureaus Or Agencies Take Into Account While Assigning A Credit Score:

  • Payment history
  • Credit usage
  • Duration of the account
  • Type of loans (consumer loans, home loans etc.)
  • Number of enquiries to avail credit / loan
  • Based on factors given above, final score ranging between 300 and 900 is given.
  • Higher the score, the better is your credit worthiness. Ideally a score of above 750 is considered good.
  • To put it simply, if you have a credit score of above 750, you’re considered to be a better borrower as you probably make payments on time. The lenders that may lend to you face a lower risk that you will default.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Your Want To Remove Yourself From The Defaulters List in Telangana:

  • The first thing you need to do is check your credit report, there could be a human error causing your name to come on the Defaulters List, so it’s best to always check on the report and make sure all your details are correctly mentioned, like date of birth, your name, your PAN, your address, etc.
  • There could be an error in reporting, the details provided could be wrong, like credit card details, the details of the credit will be yours but the ownership could be another individual’s. You can also end up being a victim of identity theft and can have a report for late re payments despite making all payments on time.
  • Another strong reason your name could appear on the Defaulters List, could be due to settling of a credit or defaulting on payments towards as credit, even late payments have an impact on your credit.
  • To get your name removed for the reasons mentioned in the points 1 and 2 you would need to provide CIBIL with documented valid proof and this would be fixed.

How To Improve Your Score And Not Get On The Defaulters List?

  • The most effective way to keep your credit score at 750 point high if not above it, is to use ensure that you use your credit very carefully and also ensure you make timely payments.
  • Try to not have multiple credits, try to have one single credit card, instead of having multiple cards, making yourself look credit hungry.
  • When it comes to repayments, ensure to make all your payments related to your credit outstanding in an effective and timely manner, this will improve your score even if it’s currently not in a very good bracket.
  • Don’t look credit hungry or than you need a loan of sorts to survive, avoid applying for loans and credit cards multiple times, from various banks and lending institutions. Each and every inquiry and loan request is recorded by CIBIL and in turn lowers your score.

About Vijayawada

 Located in the district of Krishna in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is the biggest city in the district as well as the 3rd biggest city of this state of southern India. Even famously called Bezawada, the city derived its name from Vijaya or Kanaka Durga, who is the presiding deity. 

The name of the city means "Land of Victory". Based on the eastern part of the hills of Indrakiladri, this city is bordered by the Budameru River and hills towards its north, low hill ranges towards its north west and south west and the Krishna River towards its east and west. The most striking feature about Vijayawada climate is the extreme heat in the summer months. The temperature in the summer months changes from hot to hotter, rising up to 46 degree centigrade. The winter months are pleasant and the temperature is also mild. The south- west and north- east monsoons bring rain to the region and cyclones are also not unusual. 

Historical knowledge about Vijayawadapractically dates back to the pre-historic days and remains of the Stone Age have been found all along the banks of River Krishna. Vijayawada has been ruled by different dynasties from time to time, including the Chalukyas of Kalyan and the great ruler Krishna Deva Raya. The British period witnessed a steady growth in the basic infrastructure of the city which led to the expansion of the commercial base of the city. 

Vijaywada Education

 Vijayawada education focuses on the overall development of the students. Comprising of well known universities, famous degree colleges and renowned colleges of engineering, education in Vijayawada occupies a pre-eminent position in the life of the enlightened indigenous population of the city. 

Equipped with all the necessary and modern infrastructural amenities, the well known engineering colleges of Vijayawada present the students with a deeper insight into the field of science and technology. The highly qualified and experienced professors of the engineering colleges of the city encourage the students to participate in all the extra curricular activities of the educational institution for further enrichment of knowledge.

Vijaywada Economy

Vijaywada economy depends largely on trade and commerce. Being one of the major agricultural market hubs of the Krishna Basin, Vijaywada boasts of several agricultural based industries. One of the most notable points about the Vijaywada economy is that the major chunk of the working population is involved in the tertiary sector. About 72% of the working people are occupied in tertiary activities. At the same time a decrease in the working population of the secondary sector has been noted in the last census in 2001. 

As a thriving commercial and industrial center, Vijayawada witnesses several industries and trades like: 

  1. Automobile industry
  2. Cotton
  3. Turmeric
  4. Consumer goods
  5. Virginia Tobacco
  6. Other industrial products

The economy of Vijayawada also comprises of numerous plants making agricultural products and commodities. The two well equipped industrial estates in Vijayawada - Auto-Nagar and other near Kondapalli boasts of many oil mills, dal mills and rice mills. The Super Thermal Power Station near the city has affected in a positive way to the industry and economy of Vijayawada. Large solvent plants and other agro-industrial factories have been set up near Kanuru. 

Although comparatively much less but a substantial amount of revenue is earned from the mango plantations. Vijayawada is one of the largest exporters of mango in the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

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