Personal Loan Without Cibil Verification

Have you applied for a loan only to be turned down by the bank? The Reason – A CIBIL score that’s less than 750. Well, you aren’t alone. A huge number of borrowers face the same issue. Here, in this article, you can find the right way to take some corrective action and the loan categories that are approved even if you have a low score.

Data from CIBIL records state that over 80% of emergency personal loans are approved only for individuals who have a CIBIL score of 750 or more. If your score is less than that, don’t despair. You can make use of the following types of personal loans with bad credit and very well meet your emergency fund requirements.

  1. Collateral Loans
  2. While it’s difficult to avail a personal loan with a poor CIBIL score, you can try to avail a secured loan. Even if your credit history is bad, the collateral you supply is enough for the bank to approve your loan. You are eligible for a collateral loan for gold, shares, Fixed Deposits, Insurance Policy or PPF.

  3. Approach a smaller / Co-operative Bank
  4. There are 500 member banks in CIBIL. These banks have access to your credit history and score. You can try contacting a smaller bank that isn’t yet a CIBIL member. These banks usually provide loans of smaller amounts at high interest rates. The good news here is that they offer these loans without checking your credit score. So, you’re eligible for bad credit personal loans.

  5. Seek the help of your Employer
  6. Many companies have particular loan policies for their employees. You can obtain the help of your HR or manager. They are likely to help you access some unsecured personal loans with bad credit, especially, if you have served in the company for a few years and/or are a valued asset to the firm.

  7. Make use of your Steady Income Records for a Personal Loan
  8. You are employed and have a steady source of income and the monthly income statements to prove it. You can try approaching the bank where you hold your salary account. Leverage your income to apply for a personal loan. Because of your income history and your relationship with the bank, they are likely to sanction a low-interest personal loan for people with bad credit.

  9. Approach your Friends and Family
  10. Your friends and relatives can help you meet your emergency needs in the following ways:

  11. Joint Loan
  12. If your spouse or parents have a better credit score, then you can jointly apply for the loan with that person. This increases the probability of the loan being sanctioned.

  13. Guarantor
  14. Ask a family member or friend with a high CIBIL score to act as guarantor when you’re applying for a loan.

  15. Reach out to Private Lenders

You can approach a private lender if none of the above options work in your favour. However, you must remember that private lenders are likely to ask for higher interest rates.

Bad Credit Personal Loans:

Several companies in India provide large sum of loan amounts to the customers in the form of Personal Loan who are in the urgent need. The documentation required is minimum for these type of loans and the loan approval process is also quick. In the unsecured loan category; personal loans are the actual instant option of the cash funds in India. There are so many customers who can apply without the need of security collateral or guarantor. You can also avail the handsome offer on personal loans provided that you have a good CIBIL score. The rate of interest depends on various criteria and CIBIL score is surely one of those criteria. The major factor is your income level. Different banks have different criteria based on which interest rates are calculated.

Bad Credit Personal Loans – Quick View

Bad Credit Personal Loans are the loans from the financial institution or banks available for a person with a low credit score or bad credit history.

The loan requirement of professionals and businessmen is increasing nowadays. Since personal loan is universal unsecured loan, each individual need assistance to get it easily. You can get a bad credit personal loan without guarantor, but you will have to give the lender your social terms security credit number to check your credit.

I have a Bad Credit. What Next?

Bad credit means you have to approach the problem differently. There are several ways to get rid of the bad credit and improve your CIBIL Score. Borrowers can improve their credit rating with a series of steps and over the period, they gradually restore their credibility. eg. Apply for shorter loans and with a prompt payment for this loan, you improve your rating.

At ‘Deals of Loan’, we also provide services to improve your credit score with a series of steps and make you eligible for personal loan. We go through detailed analysis of your credit history and provide you custom solutions based on it.

Top Banks Providing Personal Loans In India

HDFC Personal Loan:

HDFC Bank is a market leader in personal loans offering a Personal Accidental Cover of up to 8 Lakhs along with a Critical Illness cover of 1 Lakhs with each personal loan. The starting of HDFC personal loan as low as 15.75% interest rate for salaried individuals. HDFC Bank complete removal of any prepayment charges after a period of 36 months. Pre-approved personal loans are offered by HDFC banks up to Rs. 3 Lakhs for women personal loan applicants along with free access to lifestyle diva products and services.

ICICI Personal Loan :

The loans offered by ICICI Bank are available for both salaried as well as self-employed individuals and professionals. Salaried individuals can get a maximum personal loan up to Rs. 15 Lakhs while self-employed individuals can get a loan up to Rs. 30 Lakhs. ICICI Personal Loan starts with as low as 13.99% interest rate.

Bajaj Finserv (Finance) Personal Loan :

Bajaj Finance Limited is a non-banking financial companies offering personal loans up to Rs. 25 Lakhs for salaried individuals. Bajaj Finserv (Finance) Personal Loan starts from as low as 16% interest rate for salaried individual and the Bajaj Finserv give allowance of prepayment up to 6 times in one year and also allows minimum amount per prepay exceeding 3 EMIs. A 24/7 customer support helpline including toll free number, emails and SMS allowing users to get in touch with the company to resolve their grievances at the earliest.

SBI Personal Loan :

State Bank of India, the largest public sector bank of the country is one of the most preferred banks when it comes to personal loans. SBI offers personal loans for both salaried and self-employed individuals. SBI or State Bank of India offers a personal loan up to 12 times the net monthly income for salaried individuals and pensioners subject to a ceiling of Rs.10 Lakhs. SBI personal loan division allowing for quick loan approval and disbursal. At lucrative interest rates you can get personal loan for various working professionals and salaried individuals from time to time.

Axis Bank Personal Loan:

Axis Bank give personal attention to each loan applicant. Personal loan amount for Axis Bank Personal Loan is highest in its class fixed at an upper limit of Rs 15 Lakhs. Axis Bank offers personal loans at a competitive interest rate ranging from 15.5 to 24% with zero prepayment charges. An eDGE loyalty points is offered by Axis banks on Personal Loans which can be redeemed for cash surplus and discounts along with multiple repayment options. A dedicated helpline for loan services available round the clock at the bank’s toll free numbers.

Personal Loan Without Cibil Verification Mumbai

Personal Loan Services are offered in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane. Based on the repayment capacity of borrower a personal loan is offer from 25,000 to 20,00,000. Personal loan is quick availability of cash when you are in need and can be paid by easy monthly instalments

Most Banks give Personal loans to people who have CIBIL score of above 750. Anyone who has credit cards and loans and paying on time will have a CIBIL score of above 750.Never get scared if you are paying on time. If you have no credit cards or loan and is your first credit then your score is 0 and you need to apply with the Bank where you have your salary account. Most likely they will give you a loan on a 0 CIBIL score.

Personal Loan Without Cibil Verification Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. It is situated in the northern region of India. It borders the Indian state of Haryana on the north and west, south and east by Uttar Pradesh.

Anytime when you are in need for money in India, personal loan has always been a quick resort. Getting personal loan is not tough in India. However, there are certain eligibility criteria that an individual has to meet in order to get a personal loan. Among the long list of eligibility criteria, CIBIL is one of the main factors. This will help the banks or lender to analyze the financial credibility of the applicant or borrower. Lender will have clear access to how much debt the applicant has and if he/ she have made any defaults in make regular payments towards loans or credit cards or any other debts.

Personal Loan Without Cibil Verification In Pune

Pune - the home of youngsters of India; it is 'Industrial Giant of the Country'; addressed by sobriquets as the Oxford of the East, the Queen of Deccan and the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra. Owing to its strategic geographic location and being the automotive and industrial hub; it is a vibrant and thriving city with unlimited employment opportunities. It serves as a platform for you to fulfil your dreams. So, to fulfil your dreams you require resources.

Eligibility criteria for Personal Loan in Pune

  • The age should be between 21-60 years of the people applying for the loan
  • A salaried person with a minimum income of Rs 15,000 is necessary. The salary bracket would again depend on the city the person is living in and the company they are working for.
  • The candidate should be staying in the city for at least one year
  • The total work experience of the candidate should be at least two years.
  • Essential documentation such as address proof, identity proof, latest bank statements, etc. is required.
  • Though the credit score of the applicants matter, Still some NBFC's offer loans with bad credit score.

Personal Loan Without Cibil Verification In Bangalore

Bangalore Online Personal Loans are mostly given by private investors and small financial institutions through this virtual platform. Online Unsecured Personal Loans In Bangalore can be for any reason such as loan for vacation, health, wedding, special occasion, home renovation, auto & vehicle, consumer durables or debt consolidations loans etc.

Unsecured Personal Loans are the collateral free loans i.e. personal loan with no security. It ranges from Rs 50,000 - Rs 10,00,000 at an interest rate in the range 16 - 24% Flat. The maximum loan tenure can be 3 years and minimum loan tenure for Business Loan is 1 year.

List of Events For Personal Loans In Bangalore

There are a number of reasons why people require Personal Loans In Bangalore and elsewhere. Here is a list of events that require Bangalore Personal Loans:

  1. Wedding Loans or Marriage Loans
  2. Home Interior improvement
  3. Home appliances purchases
  4. Vehicle Purchase
  5. Travel or Vacation
  6. Education Loan
  7. Personal Loans to clear out credit card debts

There are a number of other events that one lends money for but the ones listed above are the most common ones.

Things To Consider For Requesting Personal Loans In Bangalore

Every bank, company or an individual who is loaning out money will look for a few things to ensure he is not loaning out to a non credit worthy person. Here are some of the critical things that is considered at the time of reviewing applications for Bangalore Personal Loans:

  • Employment Type: Self Employed or Employed in a Company
  • If Employed, your net take home salary after all the deductions
  • If Employed, which bank is your salary account with
  • Residential Status: Own Home or Rented or PG
  • If you currently hold any credit cards with outstanding amount
  • If you have existing loans with outstanding amount
  • Your CIBIL Scores

FAQs on Personal Loan Without Cibil Verification

Is it possible to get instant money through a CIBIL score without any documents?

Several lenders like HDFC bank, Axis bank and ICICI bank (to name a few) provide various personal loan offers, which doesn't require any documentation just based on good CIBIL score. Some of the features are as follows:
• Instant Loan disbursal
• Paperless and online
• Nil documentation
• Special offers like a reduced interest rate

How can I get an instant loan without a CIBIL score and with minimum documents?

You can also consider a peer to peer (P2P) lending platform. For P2P lender will require your payment proofs like electricity bill, phone bills etc. Different lenders have different approval criterion. Consumers are unaware of this, and end up applying to multiple lenders. Other than being tedious, multiple credit checks also reduce CIBIL score.

The types of documents to be submitted when applying for a personal loan varies from lender to lender. However, the common documents required by most lenders include:

Documents for Salaried Individuals:

Proof of Identity: Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voters ID or PAN Card

Proof of Residence: Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voters ID or Utility Bills

Latest 3 months Bank Statement of Salary Account

Salary slip for last 3 months

Documents for Self-Employed:

Proof of Identity: Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voters ID or PAN Card

Proof of Residence: Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voters ID or Utility Bills

Income proof: Audited financials for the last two years

Last 6 months Bank statement

Office address proof



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